Take Back Dinnertime

09 Aug

Real Simple magazine has a new challenge starting August 22nd to Take Back Dinnertime. The concept includes emails they send you with cooking tips. If you try their tips you get points to be entered into a drawing to win one of five prizes. The more points you get the more entries you receive. I know I would certainly love to win $2000 for groceries!

The weather outside today was gorgeous! The best we’ve had in some time so I wanted to spend as much time outside this afternoon as I possibly could! So instead of hopping in my car to run errands I put on my walking shoes and hit the pavement. I stopped at the UPS store, Walgreens and the bank. There also happened to be a Dairy Queen in the shopping area. I mean how can you pass up the new Nutter Butter blizzard, their August blizzard of the month? Mmmmm. Highly recommended!

My almost-healed blisters did not give me any problems. See on Friday my feet looked like this:

Band-Aid brand Blister bandages are my new friends! They lasted through two workouts and three showers. Now all only thing you can see are some red areas and a small scab. The skin is a little rough too.

Pretty feet (almost). That’s hot!

(no really, the toenail polish is OPI That’s hot!)

And when you’re sitting on the kitchen floor because you don’t have a kitchen table or chairs while photographing your feet, that calls for an investigation.

You gonna eat that?

What I Ran Today: 2 hours walking (a little more than 4 miles)

What I Ate Today: Strawberry granola parfaits (too many), coffee, ham sandwich, pita chips, small Dairy Queen Nutter Butter blizzard, Izze clementine sparkling juice, wheat thin crackers, piece of honey wheat bread

What I Read Today: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

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One response to “Take Back Dinnertime

  1. Sandra Beeman

    August 22, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    I walked, jogged and ran this morning with our four-year old beagle. Our daily trip consists of heading up hills, down hills, into bushes, trees, flowers anything this dog can sniff! We continue to the center of town for a check of downtain activity and the hopes of making human and canine friends! It is quite the daily, healthy adventure!


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